Juliette Chamagne

Juliette Chamagne

Scientific Consultant, ZUrich University of ApPlied Sciences & Caritas Switzerland

Juliette is systemic and process-oriented, so when everybody is pitching in, she will solve anything.

Juliette holds a PhD in temperate Forest Ecology from the University of Zurich, modeling ecosystem processes. As a communication officer and project coordinator with the ForDev Group at ETH Z├╝rich, and after designing complex ecological models, she realized it was about time to put people back at the center of the game. For her Postdoc with CIRAD, she developed agent-based models for mining sites in the Congo Basin, transforming the role-playing games into computer simulations. She has solid experiences in participatory modeling and game facilitation.

Juliette is currently working as a scientific consultant with the Zurich University of Applied Sciences and the NGO Caritas, monitoring and evaluating development projects.

Juliette is a nature lover and observer. In her personal life and at the workplace, she likes bringing people together.