Claude Garcia

Claude Garcia

CEO & Co-FoundeR

Head of the Group, Forest Management and Development, ETH Zürich

Claude listens more than he speaks. And he speaks a lot.

Claude Garcia is a tropical ecologist by training but it is a long time ago that he measured a tree. He has been working for CIRAD, the French International Centre of Research and Agronomy for Development and leading the Forest Management and Development Team at ETH Zürich, in Switzerland. His research aims at understanding tropical landscapes under change. He seeks to understand the interactions between (i) ecosystem and their processes, (ii) stakeholders and their strategies and (iii) the norms and institutions the latter establish to access the former. He uses games to analyse the drivers and strategies involved in the decision making processes of stakeholders. His goal is to balance conservation and development through better public policies that take into account local knowledge, constraints and opportunities.

He has 15 years of expertise working in multi-cultural environments.

He unsurprisingly plays games.