Celine Dillmann


Céline Dillmann

Deputy CEO & Co-FoundeR

Mercator Fellow for International Affairs 2018/19

Céline likes to move things forward and when there are none to move, she will take initiative.

Céline explores approaches to foster dialogue processes and decision-making as a Mercator Fellow for International Affairs. She currently works with Interpeace West Africa, supporting the peacebuilding NGO in the development phase of its project activities in Burkina Faso.
Céline has experience with workshop facilitation and games around the globe, switching between languages, continents and disciplines. With WWF in Colombia, she used participatory modelling with stakeholders from the dairy supply chain to support dialogue between producers and processing actors. While at ETH, she has developed a game on smallholder agriculture in Laos, has used games as a tool for teaching and negotiation for tropical forest management in the Congo Basin as well as for human-wildlife conflicts in Switzerland. In Madagascar she explored farmers’ knowledge on fertility and composting, identifying limiting factors to the uptake of new practices. She holds a master’s degree in Environmental Sciences from ETH Zürich.

From environmental protection to peacebuilding – by changing her perspective, she reflects what dialogue may bring about: trust and social cohesion – the foundations for cooperation and collective action.

In her next life, Céline will have her own bakery. Meanwhile, she cheers up office life with the cookies she bakes.